Sesame Street Friends is Sesame Workshop's new global version of Sesame Street, developed to reach children around the world who don’t currently have access to the show. I was lucky to be a part of the Block & Tackle team that developed the show open and marketing toolkit for the initial launch.

A primary objective was to represent multiple forms of each character. Since they may be new to some of the international audience, we wanted to find a way to introduce the idea that our furry friends exist in multiple forms.

I developed the concept of the magic line as a means of fluidly connecting these two states. As we travel through the world of each character, they are transformed by the playful innteraction of the line, giving us a glimpse of their unique characteristics before gathering them all for a welcoming hero moment.

Creative concepting, ART direction

The tactile paper cutout character design serves as a visual connection to the playfulness of childhood creativity, while practically allowing for a seamless transition in and out of muppet state.